Is it Warm Yet?

Posted by: on May 2, 2014 in Blog | 14 Comments

 Is it Warm Yet?

Did you have a cold mom when you were growing up? Are you a cold mom?

I don’t mean emotionally, I mean physically.

Moms tend to dress their children according to their own body temperature, rather than their child’s. If you had a cold mom, you may have found yourself, let’s say, “over bundled” during the spring season.

If you are the cold mom yourself, your child may be heading outside looking like Ralphie’s brother (think A Christmas Story) when other children look more like Mickey Mouse (think just enough to be publicly acceptable and maybe some gloves)!

Children have a harder time regulating their body temperature than adults. Infants have the most difficult time but toddlers and preschoolers have their issues as well.

  • With toddlers, they have not only heat/cold issues but they can have problems with textures. If something starts to feel warm and prickly (yarn hats on a sunny day) they will likely pull it off repeatedly even if it is a bit chilly and windy. If mittens are wet or dirty from exploring sticks and mud, off they go.
  • Preschoolers are all about the movement. If it restricts them, it’s coming off. If they think they are going to be told to wear something that they don’t want to, it may suddenly become “lost”.

Check their cheeks, noses and fingers, not yours to see if they need to add or remove a layer of clothing.

Here are a few ideas for outdoor comfort in the spring:

  • Baseball hats- while I’m not a particular fan myself (hat hair and vanity you know) they do fill in a seasonal gap. It can be too warm for a winter hat but too cold to have a bare head. Something dark to absorb any heat the sun is offering that day  if your child tends to be chilly, or light if your child tends to be a “little furnace”.
  • Inexpensive stretchy gloves- Now is the time to break out these crazy little gloves. Swing chains can still be really cold and the wind can get to your hands in a flash. Have several pair hanging around. They get wet and dirty quickly in the spring rain and mud. You’re likely to wish you had a second or third pair handy if you and your child are planning to be outside for any length of time.
  • Layers- short sleeves, long sleeves, a fleece hoodie and a vest will get you pretty far in the spring. You can pile on or shed layers as needed. Add or remove the hats and gloves and you are ready for just about anything.
  • Rubber boots and extra socks- The world is meant to be explored. You never know when you are going to find a puddle or creek in the spring. Clean, dry socks are essential after any exploration!

Let us know your essential spring time gear and tricks to help your little one stay comfortable outdoors. We’ll be happy to pass them on!