Egg Shell Window Garden

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Egg Shell Window Garden


You can find lots of debate about the best way to get seeds started but if you are simply looking for a fun sunny window project, try this egg shell window garden.


Start with a plain old egg.


Carefully break the shell of the pointed end and pour the egg yolk and white into a bowl.  Break off about a third of the shell. Refrigerate the eggs and use them soon.


Wash the shell (gently).


Put the broken shell bits in the bottom of the egg “cup”.


Spoon some potting soil into the egg.


Sprinkle some seeds on the soil and cover with a bit more soil.


Water gently. You don’t want to see any puddles!


Place the egg cups into a carton and place in a sunny window.


Watch for seedlings to begin growing, watering as needed.


You can thin the seedlings after they have a couple of leaves.


If you are growing grass or chive seeds you can draw a face on your egg and the children can give the egg a “haircut” every week or so.


This is a pretty way to start herbs and if you decide you’d like to transplant your egg garden outside, simply break the bottom of the egg shell so the roots can get out and plant the shell and young plant in the ground.


Try this out and send us some pictures!