Hammered Plant Prints

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Blog | 4,515 Comments

12 Hammered Plant Prints

As the days get longer and brighter, we want to spend more time outdoors. Take a walk, collect some plant goodies and then give this activity a try. You can easily do this entire activity outside on a nice day.

Items to gather before you begin:

  • Water color or other “rough” paper (I’ve seen this done on fabric as well)
  • Fresh leaves and flowers (especially nice to do in the spring). Get an assortment, some work better than others
  • A piece of board or something flat that you won’t mind hammering the heck out of
  • A hammer (I’ll bet you saw that coming after I mentioned the board)
  • Some paper towel or wax paper (paper towel will soak up some of the plant goo but wax paper won’t absorb the color away from your project, you decide) this and then had two printed page for the work of one (depending on the plants of course)
  • Tape to hold the plants down (not always needed but handy if you are doing this with children)


  • Make a “sandwich”:
    • Wooden board on the bottom
    • Paper
    • Plants (tape to paper if using tape)
    • Paper towel or wax paper on the top
    • Once everything is stacked up, it’s time to apply the hammer- really bang on it-take out the days stress and wind up with something beautiful. Expect to see color coming through.

What you do with these prints is limited only by your imagination. They make beautiful notecards to use for yourself or give as gifts.

How do you plan to use your plant prints? Let us know.