Flavored Water Ideas

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Flavored Water Ideas

I’m jumping up on my soap box for a bit. Be prepared.

It’s getting warmer outside and we are getting more active. What’s in your cup, glass or bottle to keep you going? What about your child’s?

We drink what we are trained to drink. The only thing we need to drink once we are weaned from mother’s milk or formula is water. Everything else is conditioning. Most of that conditioning is meant to put money in someone else’s pocket.

Because of that conditioned habit, there are people who “don’t like the taste of water” because they are so used to drinking something sweet. Or carbonated. Or both.

Think you’re making progress by purchasing flavored water? Store bought “flavored water” may not be what you are expecting. Check the label on purchased flavored water and you may find you are simply drinking flat pop.

Companies believe they can keep you coming back if there’s sugar/sweetener somewhere in that bottled concoction. It may not be called sugar but check the nutrition/ingredient label, chances are, it’s hiding in there somewhere.

Get your taste buds back under control with homemade flavored water. It’s made from just a couple of ingredients and it’s easy to customize for your family:

  • Almost any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs will do the trick. Just place some slices of your favorite flavors in a pitcher of water and store in the refrigerator. Play around and see what works for you.
  • Have a tasting party with your children. Let them come up with some combinations of their own. They are more likely to taste what they make themselves.
  • Do yourself a favor and try some water made with local fruits in season. The flavor can be quite different than what you get when you buy something that has been shipped across the country.
  • You can make fruit/vegetable ice cubes as well. Add pieces of fruits and veggies to an ice cube tray then fill it up with water. When they are frozen, add them to your flavored water for an extra tasty visual treat.

Combination Ideas:

  • Cucumber/Lemon
  • Strawberry/Mint
  • Carrot/Apple
  • Pineapple/Ginger

Ok, I’m climbing off my soap box and going to get something to drink. My current flavored water of choice is cucumber and bell pepper. Let us know what yours turns out to be!