Spring Allergies

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Spring Allergies

Are you happy to see the snow leave but already tired of the runny noses? It’s allergy season.

Parents are pretty well versed in the idea of food allergies and sensitivities in their little one. It’s the reason behind starting one food at a time. Watching for signs of rash or other indicators of concern is easier to deal with if you aren’t also trying to figure out which food caused the problem.

Children as young as 12 months can begin to show signs of seasonal allergy nasal reactions (runny nose, lethargy, weepy eyes; you know the drill).

There’s not much getting around it, allergies are annoying.

Unfortunately the things you can do to make your little sufferer feel better may be annoying as well.

Some of the ideas are inconvenient to our on the go lifestyles and some just add more work to the day.

However, considering the difference they can make to the life of an allergy sufferer, you may find a couple that you can try. Consider these:

  • Indoor/outdoor clothes- At the day care center, we have indoor and outdoor shoes. In some homes, shoes are left at the front door. During allergy season, consider doing the same with clothes. Allergens cling to the clothes that we wear outside and simply changing when we come in can make a difference. Now this can add to the laundry that never seems to end as it is, but consider wearing the same indoor outfit more than once. It’s not going to get that dirty if you are only wearing it for a couple of hours once you’re home. Besides, it’s a nice way to “shed the day” and shift your mindset as well. If pollen counts are particularly high, hit the shower as well.
  • Stuffed Animals- speaking of adding to the laundry pile, stuffed animals are notorious for hanging on to allergens like dust and dust mites. Launder them often.
  • Timing is everything- Pollen is usually worse between 5 and 10 am. If you can put off heading out for a bit, it can make a difference.

Give these ideas a try and see if it makes a difference for you and your little one. If you have more ideas that seem to do the trick, drop us a line, we’ll add them to our list!