Stranger Advice

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Blog | 92 Comments

We want our children to be outgoing, involved, polite and confident. We don’t want them to be afraid of everyone they see or get themselves in dangerous situations by being too friendly to strangers.

Safe vs Dangerous Strangers:

There are different kinds of strangers and it’s important to talk to children about that because they are going to be exposed to people they don’t know every day and there are distinctions:

  • Safe strangers are usually people we are introduced to by the people who love and care for us.
  • Police officers, Firefighters, Librarians, Teachers, Wait Staff in a restaurant are other examples of safe strangers. They are people we can go to and ask for help if we feel we are in danger or being followed.
  • People walking down the road or shopping in stores are also, usually safe strangers. That doesn’t mean we share our names with them and we never go anywhere with them, but we don’t need to be afraid when we see them.

Dangerous strangers are the people who ask small children for help or assistance when adults aren’t around. Let your children know:

  • Never get in a car with people who tell you they need your help. They can get any help they need from a grown up.
  • If your child feels uncomfortable around a stranger or thinks they are being followed, give them ideas for where they could go to let an adult know they need help (a neighbor, an office building, a restaurant etc.) when you are not around.
  • Play in groups; children are less likely to be approached if they are playing together.

Help your child build a filter, not a wall.