Egg in a Bag

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in Blog | One Comment

This little recipe may seem old fashioned in a world of microwaves and fast food but it involves squishing, choices and liquids changing to solids, so you may just want to figure out how to fit it in to your “let’s cook with the children” summer plans.

First comes the squishing.

Take a plastic bag that you can press or zip to seal and crack an egg or two into it (depending on the size of your child’s appetite. If you want to let your child do the cracking, place the bag inside of a cup and fold the top edge over the sides of the cup. This way everyone’s hands are free for any needed assistance and the part of the bag that closes will stay clean and dry. After the egg is safely in the bag, close it up and squish away. This is easier to do if most of the air is removed from the bag.

Next comes the choice part.

Have available lots of diced vegetables. Make sure they are diced pretty small so they will cook up nicely; leave them larger if your family enjoys a little crunch in the morning. The more control your child has, the more likely they are to try something new, eventually. Many children require multiple exposures to new foods before they will give them a try so don’t give up. They are also more likely to try things that they see you do so eat up! A sprinkle of cheese, spinach, salt and pepper are tasty too.

Finally it’s time to change a liquid to a solid.

When everyone has a bag that is just to their taste, it’s time to drop the bags into a pan of boiling water. After approximately 15 minutes you will have an “omelet in a bag”, cooked to order and done at the same time. Typically omelets take up much more time and people have to eat in shifts if they don’t want to share the same ingredients. Enjoy!

How did your egg in a bag turn out? What “mix ins” did your child most enjoy? Let us know.