Nutritional PlanDSCF2960

Wee Friends promotes age-appropriate family-style dining. This gives children opportunities to scoop, serve and pour for themselves while promoting meaningful social interactions. Children are able to enjoy foods that will help them grow, and learn to pick foods that will help them live a healthy life. Our menu’s are posted in every classroom and sent out by email.

Daily Connection through emails

Wee Friends works hard with communicating so you will be able to know “What did my child do today?” These daily reports will keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences  that happens while you are at work. We are also able to share photos and short videos of your child.


Safety & Security

At Wee Friends Childcare Center keeping children safe is important. All classroom outside doors are locked and main entrance has a keypad code entry system. Crisis management is implemented and practiced.



Family Involvement

Wee Friends knows family involvement is a crucial component to the success of a child’s development and growth. To support families as partners, we encourage families to be involved in their child’s daily experiences at Wee Friends. We welcome parents and grandparents on field trips, during class time when you may wish to share your talents with us, or helping us with various projects to benefit the children’s classroom. Wee Friends maintains an “open door” policy to parents. “Pop-ins” are welcomed! Communication is vital to our program. We encourage and welcome parents involvements in the program and feel this has a very strong impact on children and helps them to be more relaxed and secure.