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“Moving Up” to Zoo Crew is a milestone in your child’s development.  Zoo Crew is our Preschool Room, designed to help you child gain the social and cognitive skills they need to be successful when they enter Kindergarten.

We know change is stressful for children.  We work to make transitions easier by sending a “Moving Up” letter describing our transition process when your child is reaching 2 3/4 years of age.  During the transition to Kindergarten, we provide families with a packet of information on skills that are valuable for starting kindergarten and post the enrollment and pre-assessment times as soon as the school district provides them.


Water and Sand Table

Zoo Crew offers a learning foundation for your child.  Through hands-on activities, play and exploration we encourage learning.  Our room has a book nook, areas for imaginative play, and age appropriate toys, manipulatives and activities to help you child learn while they play.


Block Area

Outdoor Play

Moving up to Zoo Crew means moving up to the larger outdoor play area.  Wee Friends provides a large fenced play area with age appropriate equipment to encourage exercise and exploration.  Our pavement area is great for biking, skating, and playing ball.  Please be sure your child has weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play.


Bubble Play

Please supply the following items for your child:

  • Change of clothes – including socks
  • Outdoor and indoor shoes (or slippers)
  • Toothbrush
  • Summertime sunscreen and sack lunches on Friday
  • Winter Fun: boots, mittens, snowpants, and an extra change of shoes
  • Field trip fees when requested
outside play