What is Quality Care?

Your child’s child care center should have:

A Housekeeping Corner
Large & Small Blocks
Wheel Toys
Sand & Water Toys
A Science Corner
A Book Nook
An Easel and Materials
Low Shelves with Manipulative Materials
A Music & Rhythm Area

You should see and hear:

Children playing and working in small groups  – NOT – all children doing the same thing at the same time.
Children talking and singing as they playNOT – a formal, silent school atmosphere.
Children taking materials and equipment from open shelvesNOT – children doing nothing, waiting for the next activity.
Children painting and drawing whatever they wishNOT – children filling coloring books or copying the teacher’s pattern.
Children given plenty of time to accomplish a task NOT – adults impatiently doing the job for the child.
Children given advance notice when it’s time to stop – NOT – children pulled from one activity into another one.
Honest praises being given abundantlyNOT – comparing one child’s work to another.
Adults stooping to a child’s level and speaking calmly NOT – adults shouting at a child across the room.
Adults listening to a child with interest and respect NOT – adults talking about a child in his presence as though he wasn’t there.
Adults finding out why a child misbehaves NOT – scolding or shaming of a child.
Acceptance and respect for a child’s feelingsNOT – telling a child that good boys and girls are never angry or cry.
The mother of a new child sitting where her child can see herNOT – the mother of a weeping child told to leave when he isn’t looking.


Wee Friends Mission Statement – CHILDREN FIRST!

Our Careteachers are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of Child Development.  We pride ourselves on our friendly, caring staff.  We hire experienced, enthusiastic staff members who have good rapport with children.

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